Qualified, fully trained security operators will physically protect designated personnel, property, and facilities from criminal, insurgent, or terrorist attacks at all customer sites, regardless of the threat.  This responsibility includes but is not limited to providing qualified security personnel, details, facility security (gates, towers, static, roving, etc.), and other related security functions in direct support to the customer’s requirements.
Services include:

  • Mobile and static security forces - tailored to site conditions and threat level
  • Design, installation and maintenance of advanced technical security solutions, including:
    • CCTV
    • Alarms and response mechanisms
    • Access controls and barriers
    • Lighting
    • Quick reaction force (QRF)
    • Devising and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs)
    • Recruitment and training local guards
    • Discreet or high profile posture according to clients’ needs and threat level